Welcome to 12twentyfour.

12Twentyfour is a model building lifestyle website that tries its best to keep you up to date with the latest reviews, interviews and tutorials. Along with our Facebook page we also intend to expose the hidden model builders from across the globe in order to make the model building community stronger.

Our team consists of 4 member:

The creator

I am Raees Amien industrial designer, car fanatatic, automotive photographer and of course model builder all the way from South Africa. I specialize in custom model cars ranging from 1/8 scale, 1/12 scale, 1/24 scale, 1/43 scale, 1/64 scale and even the tiny 1/87 scale. While I have done models in all those scales I focus mainly on 1/12 and 1/24 scale .

I have been building model from a young age but it was never always car models. It started out as military models but over the last few years I have mainly been building cars. As I am a big fan of Japanese car culture, most of the models I own and have built are Japanese with a touch of my own flavour. I love creating cars that follow a certain culture/ trend but adding a personal touch to the model as it makes it a bit more special.

Mr Toyota

I’m Luis Aguilar coming at you from Los Angeles, CA. I am a plastiholic. I love to build model cars on my spare time. I also collect them for future projects for myself or if one day my kids want to build some with me. My passion for cars started as far back as I can remember. Which lead to my first model at the age of 7. I only built a few and stopped. When I was 16 I started again with LowRiders and a few Tamiya kits to only stop again in 2003. After bumping onto the SPC forum online in 2008, the building bug bit again and I took out my kits from storage. I mainly build 1/24 scale, but I have other different scaled kits in my collection. 1/20, 1/16, 1/12, and a couple of 1/32 scale models. I also will be messing with 1/64 scale in the future as I like to try different things.

The detail master

Im Roy Farley and I hail out of Kentucky in the U.S.A. I’ve built models as a kid on and off, and when i was around 14 i stopped for a while.I would maybe build every so often, but i hadn’t really done much since then. in 2012 I saw some models online, i think it was the scale plastic cars forum, and decided to try it again. in 2013 I finished my first two models since i was 14, and they were everything I wanted in models as a kid. after i finished them, they both made it on the 12twentyfour blog and the rest is history.


current builds: highly detailed r32 GTR chassis, 2 aoshima rocket bunny kits, one Eightyone81 rocket bunny v2 kit on an aoshima GT86, a kpgc10 hakosuka, and an LSx swapped notchback foxbody mustang.

The Nissan guy

Hi I’m Wan wai shing, from hongkong. I’m a big fan of Nissan especially the 70~90s era Japanese cars .II spray cars for a living but outside work a full time model builder. Most of the models I build are Nissan’s in various scales.


Thank you

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Mr. Raees Amien. I am very honored to see you share your works, I’m a car fans from China. I really like your work. As a car enthusiast, I like all kind of the cars. At the same time I am also a model lover, I have a collection of some of the finished model cars, and I hope I can make as good as your model built. But I’m still not do that I was learning how to make models. I think your work is so spectacular, can I ask if you sell it? I want to use as a reference to learn! Thank you very much!


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