4 door ae92 corolla

The Tamiya FX-GT. Some of the older builders may have/ recall this kit. It was released in 1988 and hasn’t been rereleased since. It has become quite a rare piece and to the newer builders it may not even be known. That being said it is a nice piece to have in the collection. The proportions of it ( considering it is a snap-loc kit) is quite good and details being nice and crisp. But more about the kit in the review which will follow.

This thread is about the build which I can say is taking a lot longer than I hoped. The plan was to get this done for the up and coming SANNL, along with the GTR builds. One of this years themes for the show is to celebrate Toyota 1936-2016. Thats where the idea for doing a 4 door version of the FX-GT came in. As far as I know I haven’t seen one being attempted so there were no guidelines. Currently one side is about 90% done. From here I need to complete the other side and get it ready for primer. The chassis and interior have been done so its all down to the body work. I am also still very much undecided what style wheel I want to go for. If you guys have any ideas please let me know. ( Please excuse the quality of the photos)


Since this last post I have been crazy busy trying to get my builds done in time for the NNL. Fortunately I got it done in time but more about the NNL in another post. Below are more photos of the build and a final shoot will be done as soon as they cars return.

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