The GTR family

It’s been some time since I did a build thread ( I have been a bit lazy in that regard) but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been building. Our annual NNL is coming up soon ( and my plan was do the trio of gtr’s. However the R32 seems like that will take some time, I am also waiting on the photoetch set for it still. While that is taking its time to come I have been cracking on with the R33 and 34. The R33 is nearly there with some polishing needing to be done, windows , trim and assembly. the R34 needs a bit more still but can be finished real soon.

The idea behind these was to keep them simple and fun. I did indeed have fun doing them as I pushed myself in the details and new techniques. I also wanted to do more airbrushing than i normally do and this was done in the interiors. For the trio I also opted to keep them all one colour, the famous bayside blue. Just suits all the cars so well. I have been tempted to do a midnight purple but that will be done on another stage. More updates will happen as these get to the final stage of the builds. For now enjoy the photos .


List of mods:

R33 GTR:


Custom made nismo oil cooler vents

CR kai wheels

Scratch build exhaust

Photoetch brakes

Detailed chassis

Detailed interior


R34 GTR:


BBS Lm staggered

Custom nismo oil cooler vents

Z tune inspired interior

Carbon diffuser




Like the ae92 post These two were also built for the NNL. While the r33 was done quite some time before I had to rush with the r34 to have it done in time. It came out better than I was hoping. I just have the r32 to do at some point to complete the family.


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