New Forum!! Yes a Forum.

So this morning when I checked my Instagram I saw a post made by @scaleluxury about a forum. Yes, a forum! Now I know what you’re thinking…there’s Facebook and Instagram where I can post my stuff already….Well I don’t know about you, but I miss going to a forum and posting up my builds on one post and updating that post with out it getting lost or deleted and getting together with builders alike from all over the world. 
Now social media has brought us together either way, but it does have its down sides. 1st being, you get added to random group pages…I belong to like 20+ groups and I only visit like 2-3 of them. I can’t keep up and post in every single one of those groups. It’s a pain in the ass. 2nd, drama. I can’t stand drama. He said this, he said that…wah wah wah. The forum will be controlled to keep the drama down. 
We invite you to come by and join, leave the drama at the door. Post your work and share information. A place where you can find answers to your questions. There’s a section for tips and how to’s, WIP, finished builds, events and off topic…how much easier do you want it get??
This is the goal of their forum is:
“We want to spread high professionalism in modelling , tips and tricks , customizing and making a lot from scratch. We want to make something more than just a tipical modelling forum. The main idea is to show people how to make really eye-catching and realistic replicas .Emmanuel ”

They are based in the Ukraine, it’s a brand new forum. So new that so far there’s 3 registered members, me included under “oniworks”. Registering is real easy…
Still with me?? Alright. The forum name is “Scale Luxury” 
Hope to see you guys there and make this one grow and stay. 

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