The family is growing.

This post is quite an exciting one with some great news. The 12TWENTYFOUR family has grown a bit with the edition of three new members who will be heading up our new Hotwheels ( 1/64) section. With the increase in Hotwheels customizing ( I myself love it) its only logical to add this to the site as its great fun and seems to be spreading like wildfire. There has really been a crazy boom in the 1/64 market with Hotwheels being the center of attention.

With that being said lots of questions regarding customization have popped up quite a bit and we are here to help where ever possible. To help us with this we have two great customizing guru’s that will be posting up some of their amazing works along with tutorials and builder features. Anotonio Poraman (Instagram name, give him a follow) hails from South Africa and has become one of the most well known builders this side. His work will be posted up for all of you guys to see soon. Next we have Albert aka Kool51designs ( also on Instagram) who is from the U.S.A. This guy has some crazy way out builds that I’m sure you all will love to see, and not to mention some crazy airbrush skills. Last but not least is Jarred who also hails from South Africa. He will be heading up the reviews section to keep you guys informed of whats out there and possibly of whats to come.

A further intro from each person will be posted up soon with some eye candy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these guys for wanting to be part of the family.

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