What we have all been waiting for…

Since the website got a new look I was kinda waiting for the right moment to get posting again. Fortunately some good news came about and I think the timing couldn’t be better. The one thing most car modellers want is wheels especially those in the tuning category. You just can’t have enough wheels. Now when it comes to the old skool Japan wheel sets ( SSR Mesh etc) you know the good stuff is hard to come by. Well we may have a small solution to this problem..

I could be mistaken but as far as I know 12TWENTYFOUR is the only place outside of the a few places in the East that will be selling ( limited) sets of re released Aoshima wheels. There are 4 different designs coming out and two tyre choices.

13083356_870235869769742_7326676605916228927_n copy

So here we have, starting from the left: SSR mesh wheels , Sakura ( yayoi) wheels, Long champs and the tecchin. These are great for the old skool builds and work well on some newer cars too. I especially love the mesh and long champs.

Now that we know what wheel designs are coming lets have a look at the tyres.


Set B has the cambered stretch tyre which are found on some of Aoshima’s kit like the liberty walks. Set A is the regular stretch that most may be familiar with from the wheel sets that could be bought separately. Below is a closer look at the tyres.

So the big question.. How much are they and how do you buy them? Well its very simple. We will be selling them for $15 a set excluding postage. However if you order 4 or more sets we will add free postage world wide.you will need to email: the_dada_man@yahoo.com to place an order and label the email aoshima wheel order. Please state the number of the wheel you like and the letter for which tyre you prefer.

We will only be taking PayPal and details will be sent once we receive an email. All sets will be on pre order and payment will be required up front. Once they are payed the deal will be final. We only have 39 sets of wheels and once they are sold we won’t be getting any more unless we notify you first. The Release date for the wheels are in July and we should have the by August. Any delays will be notified to the customers. Postage will be done via airmail with tracking.

NOTICE : We are sold out on the aoshima wheels. We won’t be taking any further orders

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