And for some news.

Now that the year is in full swing there are some great new kits coming out this year. I have a feeling its going to be quite a pricey one but very worthwhile. It also seems like its the year of the supercar kits. One of the main culprits are Aoshima. They have a crazy list of amazing things coming out.

First on the list is the Lamboghini Sesto Elemento. It has recently been released and i must say it looks like a great kit. Aoshima have been really working hard and that work has payed off with the kits getting more complicated and better.


Next is the all new Lamborghini Huracan. Hobby Link Japan have recently just opened up the pre- orders so get them while you can.  Can anyone say Liberty walk??

The mental Lamborghini ( Aoshima love these cars) Diablo GTR. I could be wrong but I think this is the first we are seeing this version of the Diablo. From the pictures I found it looks like a serious car and defiantly one for the Lambo fans.


Aoshima have been pushing their market a bit and trying their hand at some other areas. This is their first trailer that htey have done and it looks quite interesting. Its a race car trailer which will be great for those dioramas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.30.30 AM.png


And finally, this is probably the most exciting news ( I love these cars) is the Pagani Huayra. Yes this is the first production Pagani kit we are seeing and it looks amazing. Aoshima have really been focusing on details and with these premium kits its important. I would go as far as to say they are almost on the same level as Tamiya premium kits which tells you something about Aoshima.


Revell are also dwelling into the supercar market this year with the Mclaren 570 ( I still cant get over how silly it looks ) and the Mercedes AMG GT. I’m not entirely sure when the release dates are but I’m sure it will be soon.

Tamiya has been a bit quieter than some of the other brands with the new Ferrari Laferrari FXXK being the first kit since the new Mx-5 and Toyota AA . That being said it will be one cracker of a kit. If the standard Laferrari kit is anything to go by then this is will be something great. The photos of the built car feel so good on the eyes its a must have even for the non super car people.


Hasegawas Datsun sunny is also getting a facelift this year with the square light front. It would have been nice to have a short wheel base with this front but im sure a conversion of the rear could be done fairly easily. I know this one will go down well for the South African builders.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.20.51 AM


New kid on the block Beemax is doing some great kits. Their rally kits have been quite a hit with great details and aftermarket parts available for them . This year the long awaited BMW E3o race car is being done  ( not with the squashed roof ) and quitre a lot of excitement is awaiting the release.




There is some many exciting things going on and I will try my best to keep you guys informed as best as we can.





Toy Gear Magazine




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