Work, life and instagram

5Well here we are in the fourth month of 2016 and this is the first blog update. I know its bad but work ( its a bad excuse) and social made has made me a bit lazy to update. We are still very much active but more on Facebook and Instagram ( follow if you haven’t already done so). So what does this mean for the future? Well there are going to be a few changes and hopefully a bit more put into the site with some extra help. That being said lets get into a nice little build that has been completed.

Its been a while since I actually got something decent done so its quite exciting to finally post a completed work that turned out great. This started life as a white BMW m3 from Kyosho. Yes the collectors are probably screaming inside that I converted a white BMW to a Gts that Kyosho released. This build did start before they brought it out and was a parts car.The car is for PSI Racing from the U.S.A who are artists at tuning BMW’s. This is a replica of the owners GTS which was also the company mascot for some time .



Some of the issues that I came across was a damaged roof and window beading’s. Luckily I was able to source some new parts for that as fixing or making new ones was out of the question .The wing, front lip and wheels are from Hobby design. The wheels had quite a bit work and sanding that needed to be done but they came out spot on for what the car needed. The rear bumper was kitted out with a carbon diffuser which was scratch built. The car was also lowered a bit for that perfect stance ( not the slammed to the ground stance) .  The interior also received the custom touches making it look like the proper GTS with a roll cage and removed rear seats. A little custom gear lever was made to suit  the race theme along with racing bucket seats.


The paint was specially mixed to match the GTS fire orange, which is a great colour. The final assembly went together fairly easily and the car received a good polish and wax. Overall the build came out great and would be a nice piece to actually keep but it is soon going over the waters to its home.It was also good to get back behind the camera and do some proper photos. Instagram has made me extremely lazy in that regard and I feel I have lost my photographic skills a bit. Hopefully I can get back into it along with the filming.

Well I hope all of you have enjoyed this first ( the four month later first ) post and there will defiantly be more coming soon.


Below are some more photos to enjoy.





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