Bunnies with Rockets

It’s been a while since I’ve done a builder spotlight. As a builder, there comes a time when you say “Damn, times have changed” the reason I say this is due to this builder from Malaysia. He’s a young talented builder that’s still up and coming.

“Let me introduce myself: My Name is Abdul Haiyye. My Instagram name is haiyye1 (dont know why I put 1 at the end). I’m Malaysian Modeller and I am 14 Years Old this year. Everybody in Malaysia said that I’m young to be In Modelling. I’m still In School and still learning Modelling from the eldest.

I am an enthusiast to the Car scene since a was 9 years old. I like VIP (Luxury) Car more than JDM. It just looking more Fancy to Me. I’ve been in modelling for about 2 Years now. My modelling skills are not as detailed as a lot of people on instagram. Car Modelling is the only way for me to keep My spirit in Car Culture

This is my Lastest Build in 2015 which is The Rocket Bunny GT86. I call this build “StreetPanda”. This was from Aoshima. At first I wanted to replicate as a CamberGang’s FRS. But I was in a dilemma to do my own way. I went to the Paint Store to make my own Color that i want. I didn’t use Airbrush because of it price. I gathered all the part that I need such as the wheels from EightyOne81. This Rocket Bunny has many modifications.


This is the information about the car//.


-Bride LowMax (Full Bucket)


-Aftermarket Steering Wheel      

-Aftermarket Gear                           

-Roll Bar 

-SpeedHunters Decal at the DashBoard

-Custom DoorTrim

-Flocking Powder At the Trunk


-Work Meister M1 3pc (EightyOne81 Wheels)

-Custom Exshaust Tips  

Custom Paint

-Work Wheels Frameplate

-Windshield Decal

-White Headlamp

Ganador Side Mirror

-Honda CR-Z Top Fin

-Rocket Bunny WideBody

-Rocket Bunny v2 Diff 

-Bunch off Camber Added at the Front And Rear

Thanks Guys For sharing My Build. I feel very Honoured to be one of you guys Featured Builds. Keep them 12twentyfour Grow’in!”

It’s young builders like him that keep the hobby alive. Haiyye, keep on building.

Thanks for reading. Keepmodelling.


3 thoughts on “Bunnies with Rockets

  1. I know people that are 4 times his age and dont deliver this build quality. Only Advice i would give is: white primes on the fenders and some more sanidng on the wheels. but the paintjob is superb

  2. Do you know what model the Ganador mirrors are from? or who makes resin pieces?
    My guess is it might be from a Aoshima Nissan Silvia 13 Vertex bodykitted model, but I’d like confirmation.
    Other model kits may have Ganador mirrors, but I wanted to know which fitted so well on the GT86.

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