Hung(a)ry Bunny

A while back I received a message from a young modeller named Balázs Kisgyörgy. His message informed me that my blue Rocket Bunny FT86 build (link here (Link opens in new window)) was an inspiration to him and his RB86 build, and he sent me some WIP pictures. We chatted for a bit, and over the next few weeks he sent me progress pictures up until he completed the build, and I was always happy to see what he was going to do next. Balázs has most of his modelling background in military models, and he definitely used that background to his advantage on this build, spraying the body in olive green with semi-gloss accents, and I can certainly get behind his choice on that, the combo works so well on the subtle lines of the FT86. And obviously I’m a fan of the wheels, as they’re the same ones I used in my build, except Balázs used the classic polished aluminum look which also works very well, and helps add some nice contrast to the Olive paint. Under the hood you’ll notice that he didn’t go with the traditional Toyota 2JZ-GTE swap, but instead opted for Godzilla’s heart and implanted a upgraded twin turbo setup RB26DETT (I’m also a big fan of this, Nissan fanboi at heart). I’d have to say my favorite parts are the large intercooler poking out of the FT86’s mouth, and the white lettered tires.

Once it was finished and posted on several groups on Facebook, his build was well accepted and received several shares. He was kind enough to send me some progress and final pictures, and a short write-up about himself and his build. Enjoy the pictures after the bio:

Let me introduce myself: My name is Balázs Kisgyörgy, and I live in Hungary, it’s a small country int the herath of Europe. I’m 16 years old, and I deal with modelling about 8 years, but I stared the Car Modelling 2 years ago. I think this is the best part of the modelling, as I can live out myself.

The story of the Crazy Green Bunny:
A lot of people have built the Rocket Bunny. Everyone’s taste s different, but I wanted to do a very „pleasant” and outragerous build, to show my style, and try the new way of my modelling.

I actually prefer oldschool cars better, but this Toyota is an exception. I think with this car, Toyota made a cultic modern car. When I bought the Aoshima red version of this kit, I had a very crazy plan for it. At first, I searched to an Engine. My friend had a very cool RB-26 Engine from a „gluebomb” Tamiya R32. I bought that car, and finally I had an engine.

I saw a lot of builds with 2JZ or original boxer engine, but I have never seen an RB-26 in a Toyota 86, so it was very good for me.

The next stop was the interior. At first, I threw out the center console, made a new racing version one, added a Hydro-handbrake and some stickers. The story of the racing seats are interesting: I had a very cheap and shitty-looking super tuned Impreza toy car. But it’s racing seats were perfect to me. I removed the flash, painted them bright red and added the Bride decals from the 86 kit. Now I had a racing interior.

The body-work was interesting. Fist I cut the original arches, glued ont he Bodykit, added some putty to the holes and edges. The body is primered with Ammo of MIG Jimenez white primer, with 6-7 thin layers.It’s a kind of paint for military modelling, but I think very good for Airbrush. The places of the rivets are drilled with 0,7mm drill, because I wanted to show the rivets, and the holes are black. The main color is also an Ammo of MIG color, the „Olive green base” I sprayed the paint in very very thin layers, there are cca 8 layers of paint ont he body. The trunk and the bumpers got the same method. I drilled the place of the tow-hooks, added some wire hooks and a piece of patch, to imitate the safety belt towing ornaments.

The suspension: I used the factorial cambered suspesnion, but narrowed it a little bit, because the Eightyone81 SSR Mesh rims were too deep for the original suspension.

The engine is custom painted, the exhaust manifolds are wrapped with carbon-wrap (made from patch), and the Turbos are scratchbuilt.

I think that’s all. I hope I could show You my style, and stay tuned to more crazy builds from Hungary! Greetings: Balázs Kisgyörgy (BalazsK)”

Thank you for taking the time to build this sweet FT86, and I definitely think we can all agree that we’ll keep a look out for your next builds!

11002370_814782568571256_1543409711_o 11003448_814782498571263_484756687_o 11024559_814782555237924_1472539687_o 11001488_814782328571280_871043147_o 11002909_814782291904617_245343466_o 11002027_814782208571292_1376440716_o 11009408_814782268571286_1705381922_o 11024951_814782215237958_812141919_o

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