Review: C1 Glow Star Wheels.

Earlier last week I got a package of goodies from C1 Models. I got in the 3 sets for the price of 2 deal and decided to dive in head first with several extra sets of tires and I can say I am happy that I did. 

The wheels are 2 separate pieces. A lip and a face. They measure out to a 15″ wheel. The tires are a flexible resin and are probably some of the best one that have seen casted. All the wheels and tires are hand casted by Chris himself. 

The wheels require very little clean up.  Nothin a fresh exacto blade can’t handle. The wheels do require careful handling as the centers are fragile. Pushing from the back side outer edges, slowly will prevent a broken center. The tires also need a bit of clean up, for that I used some nail clippers to trim off the extra flap of material on both the outside and inside. 

One painted, they will make just about any car stand out. 

Now I did mention that I had bought extra sets of tires. If you have a wheel collection, but not quit the right tire on them, these will look fantastic on just about any set of wheels. 

Opinions: Details are fantastic and on point. A must have set for the collection. Need carefull handling and a bit of clean up. A staggered offset for the rear would’ve been cool. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


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