Eightyone81 top fuel review

What a year its been. While i may have promised more updates on the site throughout the year but as life goes it can never be really planned. However I thought it would be a good idea to end the year with one of Eightyone81’s latest kits. Following their previous Voltex s2000 kit ( http://12-twentyfour.com/2014/05/23/tamiya-s2000-and-eightyone81-voltex-transkit/) this wilder version of a time attack race car was brought out. Its wide, loud and out right sexy. It may not appeal to all car nuts, but for those who love time attack it hits all the right buttons.

So whats the kit like? Lets take a look.


The packaging is simple, effective and looks really good.


Upon opening the box all the parts are bagged and carefully wrapped.


The total contents of the kit.


The body is excellently cast with very minimal flash. The sample I had had no shrinkage, air bubbles or warpage.

5 6 7

What the body looks like with the rest of the body panels.


As you can see the parts are cast with great precision and fit well.


The wheels and tyres that are included in the kit.


Some photoetch brakes included.


Now we come to the part most people would like to know about, the motor. Again cast really well with very little flash. The motor itself has great details and comes with some new bits as well. They have added a specially deigned intercooler and turbo manifold to fit the motor. So far just a dry mock up has been done and the parts all fit well.

13 14


Thanks for reading.


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