The T….Wait KE70? What now??

I had started out this build with the intentions of doing the TE71, quad round lights(early version). Well all I can say is, it doesn’t look good if you follow the instructions. But before I get to the issue at hand. A few pics of some details of the interior.





I got as far as working on the grill, I stripped the chrome off and painted it metallic black. I added BMF for the lights, painted a pair of them yellow for fog lights and glued the lights on as well. I thought I can just ignore the fact that the corner lights area doesn’t look right. If I hadn’t painted it black, the chrome would stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe painting it the body color then it would be ok..nah not in my mind.



So I dug out the other option, the square lights with matching grill. Which the lights themselves needed work done.




Once I got done with the front, I continued on with the rest of the build. With not much left but to glue parts on, I had finally finished the now TE71 late version.













Although I wanted to call it quits with this body and start with a new one, but I am glad I didn’t.
I have several of these Aoshima Corolla kits and I will build them to proper specs from now on.

Thank you for passing by.


7 thoughts on “The T….Wait KE70? What now??

      1. really waiting on the quadlight build haha mine came yesterday and im deleting the side trims (as my full size one) and putting aoshima watanabes on it, wanted to ask you to things, where did you get those stretched rubbers? and what putty you think is best for this tipy of work? I use green putty but I think it never gets plastic hard, it stays like hard rubber.

      2. It’ll be a bit before I get on the quad light. But, as for the putty. I like to use the Tamiya white putty to fill in small holes or scratches. Thin layers always work good for any putty. The tires came with the wheels. If you look on you’ll see that Aoshima is reissuing some of their old school wheel sets that come with these tires. If you only want the tires, hit up Thomas at he has a link to his email on there. If I recall they do sell just tires. Hope this helps.

    1. It’s really based on both the engine type and the month/year of when it was built. When I say engine type I mean 4AC, 3K/4K, 3TC or 2TG. The 70/71 will be on what year it was made. Aoshima based like this. This kit I built would’ve came with a 4K engine and would be built in the mid 1980, let’s say around September or so. That’s why Aoshima called it a ke70.

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