Tamiya s2000 and Eightyone81 voltex transkit

Its that time again for some reviews. This is the first of a series of simple kits that are great fun form Tamiya. The first up is the Honda s2000.

This great little sports car from Honda really stepped up the sports car game when it was first released. the proportions along with its amazing f20c motor made it an instant hit. The same goes with the kit form Tamiya. While it may not be a flag ship kit tis still great none the less. It falls in the line of the Tamiya R34, Rx7 and so on. Once again it is a curbside kit which for some may be a downfall but with so many motor transkits out now that can be changed. As always Tamiya’s fitment, finish and overall quality is top notch. This is kit does come in two variations, the soft top and the hard top. Prices range from about $18-$35 on ebay so its fairly well priced.

Now knowing me things are never simple. I was again fortunate to be sent the voltex transkit from eightyone81 (www.eightyone81.com). A really great little after market kit that really makes the s2000 aggressive. It comes with two sets of wheels ( i opted for something completely different though), front and rear bumper, side skirts, wing, mirrors, front splitter and diffuser. There was hardly any flash on any of the products and I found the fit of the parts perfect. I will just say cutting the rear bumper does take a bit longer than the front.


Once again a huge thank you must go out to Eightyone81 for hooking me up with this kit. 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 11 12

2 thoughts on “Tamiya s2000 and Eightyone81 voltex transkit

  1. You fitted the aero kit very well.
    Thanks for the look at this kit–I actually have this one as one of my “future” projects–though I don’t know when I will get it done.
    I will poke around your blog to see if I can see the finished product. Keep building.

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