TE71 Part:4 Playing catch up…

At this point I have gone forward quit a bit. Keeping up with posting on here is bit harder than it seems…haha

I’ll start off with the interior as they have details are often not seen once the body is in place. Unless of course it’s a convertible or has had it’s doors to be in the opened position. But when it comes to these motorized chassis, you can bet that there will be some slight issues or some major ones. In this case it’s not so bad, but there’s always room for improvement.

The style of the interior I’m going with is fairly stock, I’m just changing a few things around. The first thing I changed were the seats. I decided to use a stock seat from an Aoshima AE86 kit and a bucket seat from one of the D1 kits.



The back seats sit on top of what would be the battery compartment.
This makes the seats sit about an 1/8 of an inch too high. After doing some trimming along the bottom edges it can sit lower.




For the front passenger seat, I decided I to give it a bit more dimension. I added the backside of the seat along with some of the trim that is around the seat. Although it might not be fully visible when done, what I can see won’t be a hollow back side.
The bucket seat only needed a bit of cleaning and filling.




Since this TE like to throw it sideways, how about a back half roll cage.
It’s a fairly simple. I used the main hoop from a Fujimi AE86 kit. The white styrene tubing is what I added. A couple of base plates, some bars going diagonally and a harness bar. Nothing extravagant. I made some holes on the back seats by the rear wheel arches. As this is the most common mounting point for this style cage.





The cage fits nicely with the body mounted. You have to keep in mind of the glass as well. So spacing is crucial around cage. I left a about 1/8″ gap around the top of mine. The sides are taken care of already cause the Fujimi hoop was a perfect fit.


After I finished the cage, I shot primer on most of the parts and even some paint of some of it as well. Including the body itself. The primer I used on this is light gray Duplicolor filler primer. It is for automotive use, but it’s safe one plastics and has no affect on Tamiya and Testors one coat paints. I recommend putting the can in warm water before spraying for a smoother coat.


Here’s the body after I wet sanded the primer.


For the body color I went with Testors once coat Root Beer brown. It’s always been a favorite color of mine on this car. So I had to go with it.



After letting it cure over night, the smooth shiny look of the paint went to a bit more dull not so shiny look. So I blasted a few coats of the high gloss clear on top of it. It too went a bit dull than I wanted it to be. So I am in the process of wet sanding the clear. So far only the roof has been brought to a shine.



Don’t mind the wheel colors, they are not done.

That’s it for the moment. Till next time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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