From Ukraine with Love, Builder Spot Light

There are many builders world wide that are amazing and thanks to model car forums and social media I have had an opportunity to speak to many of them. Slowly I will try to get as many as I can featured on here. The first will be Sasha Vlasov.

I’ve been following (as best as possible) “Sasha” Vlasov’s builds for a while now. I ran into him on a model car forum a few years back, which then in turn we bumped into each other on Facebook. His style of building is definitely both unique and eye catching. The attention to detail he puts into his builds are amazing.

Sasha currently has a Rocket Bunny kited Toyota 86 and a Liberty Walk Ken & Mary Skyline in the works with his touch, which I’ll show you in a bit. But first a few words from Sasha and some pics of his older builds.

“My name is Vlasov Oleksandr, I’m 20 years old from Ukraine, Mykolaiv city.
Learning design at the University of Culture.

During the last five years began to seriously pursue the construction of scale models.
In this case, most of all love to do more detailed engine compartment and engine.
Constantly trying to improve the quality and detailing what I’m doing.
Tanks to my father, since childhood I love old japan cars, especially Toyota, and Nissan.
This is evident in my models)”

This is his Tamiya hakosuka. The exterior received some hand made fender flares made from 2 part epoxy putty. The interior is a back half gutting with a back half roll bars. The front sports the factory bucket seats, dash and steering wheel. The engine bay got some extra details in the form of wiring of the battery, spark plug wires and fuel line plumbing giving it a realistic look.






Pictured here are the Supra and 300zx that caught my eye years ago.


This Aoshima AE86 is currently taking on a new look. This is a before pic.


And this is the current status. Looking forward to it being done.


An aoshima N2 AE86 also in the works


Along with this crazy looking Toyota Hiace van with a scratch built roll cage.




Here’s his Aoshima Rocket Bunny build. Lots of extra details went into the engine bay compartment. The choice of engine could have easily been a 2JZ from a supra, or even a Chevy LS. But you have to remember that he loves Toyotas. So he decided to scratch build a Beams 3SGTE. Which honestly is the direction Toyota should have gone







If you are familiar with the Hilux from Engineered To Slide, then you will know that it has inspired him to build this Hilux.






His latest is another Aoshima kit, the Liberty Walk Ken & Mary Skyline. This one will have full engine bay detail with an L28. It will be a replica of Kato sans Skyline.







Although theses are all works in progress, they already look like masterpieces. Once they are done, I will be featuring them on here.

Thanks for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “From Ukraine with Love, Builder Spot Light

  1. awesome stuff Sasha!
    that Hiace is really something else, haven’t seen anything like it.
    Keep up the excellent work

  2. What putty was used to make the engine bay on the 2º Hako? (The WIP one?) I want to start scratchbuilding.

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