1/12 Hasegawa rx7

The mighty 1/12 Rx7.  For quite a few of you a kit that you probably never heard about, for some it’s only something they have seen rarely in pictures. Well it is true it is one of those unicorn kits, along with the 1/12 nsx and 1/12 300zx, that every now and again. The reason for that is Hasegawa stopped producing it years ago and even then not many were produced. Another major reason is that Hasegawa actually closed down a few years back so these have become highly sought after stuff.The Rx7 is a beautifully elegant machine. Its form vs function look and amazing engine made it an extremely popular car. Its a pity that the kit wasn’t as readily available.

Now after many many years of searching I have been very fortunate to finally have my own. This was one of my unicorn kits and it really does feel amazing to finally have one. But you get the slight feeling that you may be disappointed, similar to don’t drive your hero scenario. yes I know these do fetch really crazy prices at times but is it worth it?? Well in my mind yes and no. No mainly because for that price ( anywhere from $250-$400 for the red) you could buy two 1/12 Tamiya Datsuns. however with that being said there is a few yes’s that make it well worth it. For one its a 1/12 rx7. It’s massive and for any builder that loves Jap cars its a dream. The proportions are great and so is the casting. No flash what so ever and thought has been put into things like how big mold lines are on the body. I have yet to go through the instructions as yet so I cannot answer the question of whether the suspension moves etc but there are springs that are in the packet so I guess that’s a good sign.

So lets have a look.


Yes the box is massive


Unfortuantly the seat and dash came off during post but luckily no damage.


As you can see the parts are layed out quite nicely.


The business part of the kit, the motor. Really a good job done on the motor and compared to the fujimi skyline there are a few more parts in that area.


I have yet to test the fitment of the body panels but fellow builder did mention that it was good.

6 7 8

Now this is a very special book. This explains every detail of the rx7 ( although it is in Japanese) along with great pictures for references. This will come in handy when building.


i love the fact that the windows are prepainted.


The glass parts were done very well with no haze in them.



This bag contains the hoses and a white metal intake for the motor.


The tires, although small, are done with a soft rubber and have been casted with the highest detail.


15 16 17 18

The body has been crafted to perfection. It really is a job well done. The body is made from ABS plastic and is quite rigid compared to the 1/12 skyline. It has a decent weight to it as well.

If Im not mistaken I think this is the first that the kit has been reviewed and I do hope that I have done justice. This is really an amazing kit with lots of potential to be even better.

For those who want to find one the best i can tell you is eBay. I have added a link to one currently for sale ( the black edition even more rare).


Thank you


3 thoughts on “1/12 Hasegawa rx7

  1. 1/12 will definitely show all the detail. would be nice build something like this. whats the plans on the build, im sure you not gonna do a standard build, look forward to updates

  2. This kit looks fabulous.

    Any tips when painting car bodies (my weakest point)? I have an airbrush, but I haven’t done a really good one yet.

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