TE71 Part 2: The Build

Hello again,

As I mentioned in Part 1, I’ll be giving you a closer look at the kit, the mods needed to do the quad light set up and my progress of the kit. Now keep in mind, I’m doing this for the ones that haven’t purchased the kit yet and the beginners.

Body work:
The instructions tell you where you need to cut. I highlighted the areas of what needs to come off. I used some craft trimmers and slowly took bites out of it. I used a file to smooth out rough areas. If you have a jewelers craft saw, it can be handy as well .





Here’s how it should look once it’s trimmed and cleaned.



The chassis:
Here is where you work with what you have or get creative. I’ll be working with what I have. It’s easier.
Its a motorized style chassis. So it’s pretty basic and has very little detail. The rear uses a metal rod and the front has spindles to mount the wheels. On the other side are the details of the floor boards and a spot where the batteries would sit. Under the rear seat.
You have the option to have it stock height, or lowered. Lowered height will variate on what size wheels you use. It can be too low or just right or still too high.





The mods:
I’m keeping the mods simple, or so I thought. The lowered positioned recommended was waaaaaay to low for the wheels I’ll be using. The steering is notched, so I fixed that and well the body looked too stock for what I was going for. (I gave you a sneak peek above) I’ll be running a pair of shallow Aoshima SSR XR-4 on the rear and a pair of Aoshima Hayashi Street on the front with their hippari style tires. Now, I’m a fan of Motorfix Japan TE/KE’s sooo that’s a bit of a hint of the path I’ll be going.

Here’s what I did for the front suspension. Since flipping the shocks is too low and doesn’t look right. It also doesn’t give me negative camber. Also the kit doesn’t come with brake details, so I used some from the Aoshima AE86 kit. After dry fitting and figuring out angle. I got a piece of styrene and covered the rear after glueing the spindle that holds the wheel. I then got the shock and filed off some material at an angle to get some camber. After that, I crazy glued them together and BAM! lowered and cambered.




Now the rear was a bit easier to do. I drill a 3rd hole in between the holes for the lowered or stock height option. I then use the metal rod to get the wheels in place. It sat just right, so I got the kit provided axle extension and spacer. Glued the piece to the chassis. For the opposite side, I had to trim the backing pad of the brake a bit so the wheel wouldn’t stick out too far. It’s glued into place.







So that’s where I’ll be leaving off. I’ll be continuing in Part 3 where I’ll show you how that front spoiler came to be and some shots of the interior.

Thanks for stopping by.

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