Tamiya BRZ rocket bunny v2 complete

The rocket bunny. The rocket bunny craze has truly taken the world by storm making the 86/brz/frs into one of the have to have cars. Obviously when the craze around a car like this starts booming, the scale world cries out for some after market parts to convert the standard kits into these sexy little machines. Gladly we have www.Eightyone81.com to help us. They first release of v1 sold out almost instantly and I’m glad to say v2 has been released this year.

Previously I posted the review for the Tamiya BRZ kit and v2 transkit. Since then I have been tinkering away at it slowly  but like all things it has come to an end. It has defiantly not been an easy road but well worth it, although I did not choose the easy way to begin with. Minor adjustments were made to get the transkit to fit as it was designed for an Aoshima kit. The real speed bump came when I decided to change the originally motor to the Toyota 2jz from a supra. While it was a bold move I was prepared to give it my best shot. These are the final results:

List of modifications:

Eightyone rocket bunny kit
chromed wheels
custom green paint job with 2k clear
carbon diffuser and lip
Kiwami tyres added instead of ones provided
racing seats added with Kevlar backing
racing hardness and bar
black flocking
Kevlar door inserts
carbon trim on the dash
2jz motor from tamiya supra
carbon tappet cover
twin turbo set up with custom manifold
braided lines added
scratch build dumpvalve and intake
lowered suspension

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A massive thank you to Eightyone again for the amazing serivce.

2 thoughts on “Tamiya BRZ rocket bunny v2 complete

  1. Awesome!!
    This is a great news for the petrol head..specially the AE anthusiast.
    Born as FT,it’s the awaited birth since the legendary AE.
    Now day,The Eightyone81,the Rocket Bunny V1 & V2 become the ultimate weapon as the companion for a new legacy
    Thank you 81,for provided our desire, you’re rock !! 🙂
    #eightyone81 #Thomas Wong #Aoshima,Japan #AMI

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