Honda Prelude… 2 years later

Yes as the title say its 2 years later. So whats so special about this build? Well It’s the first commission build that I did however I didn’t initially plan on doing an engine bay. After chatting to the client I decided to take on the challenge of doing an engine bay with fully detailed motor, keeping in mind it was my first. Fortunatly I did have time on my side as the client wasn’t too fussy as long as it looked decent. At this current moment I do not have any progress photos but as as I find them they will be uploaded.

Lets start from the top. The base kit is a Fujimi prelude. Few issues I found with the kit were the front lenses. They are terribly fragile and snap easily. I must just give a massive shoutout to my buddy Gerhard for organizing me another pair, without him this build would have definitely not been done. The rest of the kit went fairly well together. Now where some problems arose was when I decided to cut the bonnet. As always the bay was built from styrene and some putty was used to smooth out some areas. I took me quite some time to get it right as finding proper reference pictures seemed to be difficult at the time of building. Once I was satisfied with what I did I used a Model-miester 16b Honda motor as  base to build the h22. The only part used for the motor was the block. Everything else was scratch built. Most of the wire and piping came from some old headphones that I cut up.

The front lip was made from styrene and putty, while it may look simple it took me three attempts to get right but I am happy with the result. The colour was mixed up according to the Honda prelude in order to get it just right. The ride height was dropped to the lowest following the real car. It was a challenge to get it exactly the same but its fairly close.

So this is the real car

7147668851_f8f6572b41_o1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

4 thoughts on “Honda Prelude… 2 years later

  1. You should do a write up about making a front lip like that! I have no idea how to shape it and get the wholes in it like that.

  2. You should do a wite up on a tutorial on making a lip like that. Its easy doing a basic lip but how do you make it look so perfect with the holes? I have no idea how to do that and im sure tons of peoples models would benefit from it.
    Thank you,

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