Garage Heart

Its that time again when we make a South African shine. As mentioned before there are lots of good South African builders that tend to hide away. I feel that it is important to expose more builders not to put them in an awkward position but more to celebrate that model building is alive in South Africa. While it may not be as big as in other parts of the world it is still around one the less.

This time I thought it be appropriate to introduce Robin who is a personal friend of mine. I met Robin in my early days of RC drifting ( long out of it now) and fortunately we have been in contact ever since. Its great to have a friend that is as enthusiastic about Japanese cars as I am and shares similar ideas of how cars should be tuned. Im really glad that we could finally get this feature together as it is long over due. Enjoy!

Hakosuka GT-R (KPGC10)


This skyline was a special little kit, started off life as a demo model for our Tamyia supplier in South Africa and ended up at a dodgy hobby store. The owner of this hobby store really had a bond with this Hakosuka, so much to the point that as soon as I walked into the store he would have already said “not for sale” in his calm voice. Well in life I was taught if you want something so bad… chase after it.

So you probably wondering why not save myself the effort and buy one from an online store, well that would not be as cool as having the very 1st kit brought into our country now would it (lol)… but that is not why i chased after it. This GTR was screaming please save me and my mission was exactly that, but first i would need to acquire it.

Several months have passed and after countless times hassling him, i entered the hobby store (most times to buy nothing and just try to get him to sell it) and i saw the cabinet that it was displayed in has moved to the other side of the shop. Cool the shop looks more spacious now (probably the lack of stock) and there she was. I kneeled down to her (GTR) level and before I said anything he said you still interested. Before I could answer he said ” while moving the cabinet it fell and got damaged and some parts missing” . I was sad but I knew this is my opportunity to grab it and run. That’s how I got this one of a kind Nissan Skyline Gt-R (KPGC10).

It then stood for close to a year while I was building other kits, never was this kit out of my mind though. It collected dust in the corner of the “workshop” and when I was ready to take on the task of restoring the Hakosuka it became a yearlong build. i named the build “Building a Legend” , as not only was this car a legend in the real world but also this kit that went through quite a bit before it got to where it is now. This was the kit that tested my skill level as well as my patients. Once i figured out what style I was going for I just built and built, I even went as far as putting in detail where it will never be seen (laughing at myself).

Well like the saying goes all good things come to an end… this build came to an end 22 April 2013, When I phoned Raees to say I am done and could you take some shots of her, I then knew the Legend has been built and can now shine again like it once did at the Tamiya’s showroom a decade ago.

DSC_7483 hako hak2 DSC_7472 DSC_7433


RS Watanabe wheels

Period correct tyres

Many small little details (too many too mention, but Raees’ pics will be able to show them off).


Thank You to…

My Girlfriend for a third or fourth hand and just letting me know problems are only mole hills and nothing more

My Mom for helping with the interior for scale of material and correct colour & Dad for his knowledge on older Datsuns/Nissans for those times when i cannot get reference pics. And allowing me to make soem noise (dremel tool high revving motors haha)

My Brother, for that odd comment and words of encouragement

To SPC forum and many other forums that i displayed my build on. For their kind words and encouragement.

Lastly but not at all the Least my good friend Raees, for everything not just these pics. For the 12 o’ clock visits for something small, he would always help out.


Mazda Miata (NA)


What a fun little bugger this was. Raees and I fought over this one. We went to a model collector and as he takes out a box of abandoned projects i see this red thing and we both grabbed it at the same time hahaha. Anyway Raees’ attention then got deterred by something else he liked and I was able to grab it up. Well Thanks to him I guess that I could build a Japanese 90’s roadster.


So being another “save me” kit I went out and did research on the style I wanted this to have. The pictures should be able to tell the story of that, but I should mention this was the 1st time i scratch built anything. I went and took up the challenge of building a GV-Type front lip. Many other small things I also scratch built, full exhaust out of metal with gaskets etc.Roll cage……list goes on.

miata2 miata DSC_7519 DSC_7507

I wish a magic wand could make this 1:1…


Honda Civic SiR (EK4)


There’s not one person in the car community who has not heard of a Ek Civic, this car has a huge following it’s unreal and in the scale world it’s just as big. So lets start off with the problems I encountered with real and scale.

Scale version looks similar to a real car but if you have a civic or surrounded by these cars daily you will notice a few issues concerning this Fujimi kit. Firstly the rear windows do not fit like the real civic, the front seems like it could do with a SiR lip after all the box does say SiR haha. Let’s not talk about the front lights with the horrible overlap.

Well we do not complain nor shall we cry about spilt milk. So this kit I built just how I like my Honda’s to look like. i know I am going to upset a few guys now but you can only be angry in scale form (cool glad we can agree on that). I am not into stance and i am not into the latest craze but i am into the Japanese circuit racing, where cars are driven from their homes to the track and back home. Cars that are not “slammed” but lowered to enhance the handling, but then when we add all this up we get a tastefully tuned car. Well even with all the tasteful 1/24 aftermarket parts this kit still has the nasty looking front and parts that look hideous.

I then corrected all of that, scratch built the SiR lip, went down to the local jeweler to get some extended studs (everyone asks are they real silver/gold, answer: Yes hahaha) and te37’s casted by Raees in true 15inch (which is hard to come by). i lowered the car made Honda access visors/parking pole/SiR interior pull out antenna because after all we going to the track and back home lol.

DSC_7493 DSC_7495 DSC_7499 DSC_7498 DSC_7503

It would be fitting to end off with Vtec kicked in Yo!…but that has been so played out now haha, lets just say thanks for reading 🙂



About me


Gosh this is tough, Hey Raees, this was not part of the deal… it’s about the models not me lol . Oh well.


I’m from Cape Town, cool place, nice weather (not now, it’s winter), few awesome cars and not enough local hobby stores. From young I was into cars (mom & dad told me this, sometimes they say we beautiful also- hmmmm can we believe them? haha) and we have a workshop at where I would end up spending most my life at. From school to the workshop wait to go home with my Dad in our Datsun 1400 (Sunny pickup), Porsches/ Ferrari’s would come and go through the doors but it never made me smile like a Japanese car would. I remember once a 1992 300zx was in our workshop and I was 8 years old, it was black and beautiful. My Dad said “let’s go” and it made smile hard.


Fast forward a few years and my Brother bought me my first 1/24 kit (damn you for getting me hooked onto this lol), it was for my 13th birthday, it was a car I always wanted in 1:1 and ended up buying when I could afford one. It was the original Hasegawa Civic Ferio vti (with trunk spoiler), white box with a red ferio that was hand painted. I loved this box so much I kept it to this day, I love the model even more that it went through about 4 makeover’s. Well the rest is history, from that one I now have way too many to build in my lifetime and hope my kids will carry on building (if I have kids, car parts and model cars is way more fun than nappies and screaming babies lol… Raees will my Gf be seeing this? haha).


I then got my 1:1 car and then went crazy and still going crazy, if only someone had said it’s not as easy as building a 1/24 car. I do the occasional track days at our local circuit and the very occasional late night mountain racing (Touge). Some drink/some do drugs. I do this- dont judge me :).


My family is very car orientated (for the lack of a better word) and the same can be said for my girlfriend which is a huge plus when it comes to buying parts and models as she really gets just as excited as i do when new things arrive. My brother is car mad also and so is my mom and dad, well mom is more for driving than actually working on them. She does not mind the 9+ k rpm screaming motors be it my Dremel tool or my brothers & my b-series motors .


Cars I guess is what my life was built around, i know its weird saying that but I am glad and could not asked for it any other way. Cars have influenced my life so badly that I will be moving to Japan hahaha, no kidding. Or if i could buy all the cars in Japan and bring it over, hmmmmm sounds like a good idea.


So that’s me briefly… Cars/Cars/Cars/Rc Cars/1:24 Cars/Drawing Cars and more Cars. no guys I am not a mechaphile, you sound like my GF. I would only sleep in the garage with my car but that’s not that bad, right?!


Thanks Raees for everything so far, it means alot to me Bud.


10 thoughts on “Garage Heart

  1. Nice one Cuz, really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see all the new cars u busy with as well as ur 1/1 car when its done.

  2. Amazing skill to the modeller, but the rear of the Ek looks funny, the rear bumper at the bottom should be flat. where the mud guards should be

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