Concept to reality week 2


Yes week two is here already and things are heating up. The final parts are nearing completion lets just hope its smooth sailing till the end.

Day 8

Well for day eight I do not actually have a picture, i know its bad however that does not mean I did nothing. I started prepping the body for primer and paint So I thought I would go through the process a little differently and do a small tut. Starting off was giving the body a light sand with 600 grit sand paper with water. This is a good way to remove and mold lines and straighten any bumps if there are any. Another thing to look out for is dips in the body that might occur from the manufacturing process. They will need to be filled and sanded straight.

Once the body has been smoothed I suggest rescribing the panel lines and lines around window trim again. This can be done with the tip of a craft knife (only if you using 2k or automotive clears) or a panel scriber. The reason for scribing the lines is so that once the clear is applied the body panels are still visible as clear tends to fill any holes or crevasses.

Luis got going with this interior. I’m loving the black and grey combo. Most of the interior is ready and just has to be assembled. His build is looking promising.

photo 1 copy 3

Day 9

Well once again I forgot to take a picture of my progress but this time i do have a reason. As I was putting some primer on the car there was a reaction between the paint and the plastic. As I’m using automotive paints there was a little too much thinners and the paint started to craze over the body. Once it was dry I gave the body a scrub and flattered the entire car. Once ready I rescribed the lines and gave it another primer.

Luis on the other hand got the final touches done on the body before clear. Once the body is cleared the bare metal foil will be added. I however will be adding the bare metal foil before clear.

photo 2 copy 3 photo 3 copy 2

Day 10

As I was busy with the body I realised that I did not make the rear part of the exhaust system. I quickly made one from some brass rods and tubes. I will do a full tutorial seperatly.


Got it painted blue as I plan to use some chrome powder this time instead of Alclad chrome. For those who use Alclads etc know that they suggest a black base however from any chrome powders its best to use a blue base as it gives a better chrome finish.


Luis got most of his interior done. He just wants to add some minor details to finish it off.

photo 2 copy 4

Day 11

So I finally got some paint on the car! was such a relief seeing it starting to come together.


Luis also got his body under clear

photo 1 copy 5 photo 2 copy 5

Day 12

With D Day around the corner all the final details were coming together so that on the last it could just be assembled and the build would be done.

I finished off the exhaust and tail lights. Trust me when I say these tail lights are not easy to paint. The exhaust was also sprayed with Alclad II polished aluminum instead of the chrome powder.

day11a day11b

Luis on the other hand got most of his work done and did a final mock up.

day 14a day14b day14c

Day 13

As I had everything ready I decided to do the clear and polish last so that I could give it the attention it needed. I split this process into two days. One day as to add any final details and then clear. The last day would be to flat and polish.

I finished off any bare metal foil I had to do and added the decals. I prefer doing my decals etc before clear as the clear protects it much better.Since the weather was also a bit chilly i had to cure the body by a heater but only just after it had been sprayed.

day12 day12a

Sadly Luis had some personal things to attend to and would not be able to update for a few days.

Day 14

And its at the end. Amazing how quickly 14 days went by. So on the final day I had the car under clear and ready for polish. I started with the roof by flatting it with 2000 water paper. Once that was done I went through the stages with micro mesh to make sure I could get most of the scratches out before polishing. Once I ran the machine over a few times and added the wax the shine was really looking promising. I carried on with the rest of the car without any issues. However…. As I was running the buffing wheel over the boot disaster happened and it ripped a hole into the paint. The car was basically done and this had to happen. So yes i am sad to say I did not meet the deadline but that doesnt mean that this is done. Another week will be given so that both of us will finish these builds as we at the end. So do keep your eyes open for our final updates.

day13 day13b day14ra

Day 15( recap)

So just to recap what would have been D day. This is just to show our progress and in a week we will have these down and ready for the final shoot.

day14rae day14b

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