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Now I have been asking Gerhard to send me some content for quite some time already. The reason being is that he builds some very interesting cars that I feel are quite important. Gerhard is part of the older generation of model builders in South Africa ( and no I’m not saying he is an old man) and grew up in an era of amazing racing. Because of this he has built quite a few South African racing cars that most of us don’t know about and therefore I think it is extremely important to expose these great model builders and inform the rest of us about these wonderful cars. While he has built a few South African racers he has also done a few crazy customs.

More from the creator:


My interest and passion for the hobby started early in my life, thanks to my dad that built models  in the late sixties. I always sat next to him, fascinated by him painting and gluing all these little parts together to eventually end up with a beautiful car! I built my first model car, an Airfix 1/32nd scale Reanult Dauphine  at the age of six or seven, finishing it in about an hour without painting or waiting for the glue to set which caused all little bits of pieces falling off constantly while I was building. Fast forward to 1984. After I finished my National Service and got my first job, I earned a salary which enabled me to start building seriously and as they say the rest is history.  I do not have a favourite subject as I am a car nut and petrolhead in general, I buy and build any model that I like. American Muscle, Hot Rods, Racing cars, Imports, Pick ups…too much to mention. As all modellers also know, you buy more kits than you build so therefore I have an unbuilt collection of over 300 kits of all subjects! Some favourite subjects of mine are South African and other Historic race cars, Hondas and Nissans and Hot Rods & Customs. I am also a big Skyline and GTR fan. Here follows a few of my favourite builds.

Mike Briggs’ SATCC Sasol BMW 318.

The base kit is the Hassegawa BTCC 318i. I added narrowed Tamiya Martini Alfa 155 DTM rims and decals by Chris vd Walt of Viper decals. Paint was custom mixed from Tamiya Aerosols, decanted and applied by airbrush.

Mike Briggs Sasol BMW 318


Basil v Rooyen Lucky Strike 1966 Mustang Coupe

Base kit is the AMT 66 Mustang with scratchbuilt roll cage, parts box racing seat and wheels & tyres and I designed the decals in MS Word and printed them on my Inkjet printer using Experts Choice decal sheet. Paint is Tamiya pure white.

Basil Green 66 Mustang 2 (AMT)

Trevor v Rooyen/Marc Surer Team Gunston BMW M1 1979 Wynns 1000 race, Kyalami

The base kit is the old ESCI BMW M1. Decals by Chris vd Walt of Viper decals. Paint is Tamiya Brilliant Orange ,decanted and applied by airbrush.

Team Gunston M1 1 Team Gunston M1 2

Ferrari F40 Competizione

The base kit is from Tamiya. The engine was wired and detailed, the interior was flocked and a Studio 27 Safety harness added. Paint is Tamiya Pure white and a custom mixed Blue from Tamiya Bright and Light blue aerosols. The decals is from a Studio 27 decal sheet.

F 40 Interior F 40 Rear F 40 side F40 Running gear

Hot Rods and Customs

1949 Mercury Custom

This is the Revell kit built basically from the box with the following modifications. Suspension dropped 2mm, frenched antenna added. Paint is Tamiya Clear Red over Mica Red over Gloss Aluminium.

49 Merc 1 49 Merc 2 49 Merc 3

 1939 Ford 2dr Sedan Hot Rod.

The base kit is from AMT. Colour is Ford Meteor blue duco with a PPG 2k Clearcoat. Front suspension is from a 86 Chev Monte Carlo, rear is the stock rear end, dropped a whole lot! Interior has Corvette ZR1 Dash, steering wheel, console and seats and the motor is a De Soto Firedome Hemi from the AMT 1955 Ford f100 and the wheels & tyres are from the Fujimi Koenig Mercedes 500 SL.

39 Ford Street Rod

1932 Ford 5 window Coupe Rat Rod

This is the Revell kit of which I have chopped the top 3 scale inches. The frame was also “Zeed” front and back to get the ride height nice and low. The suspension was also lowered front and back to get a real ground scraping stance. As it is a Rat Rod, I have weathered it with RustAll washes to give it a worn look. The body was also lightly sanded to let the Red Oxide primer show through the Tamiya Deck Tan body colour in places. I used decals from Virgil “Dr Cranky” Suarez in Florida USA to spice up the model. This is a real Fast, loud and dirty old rod!

32 Ford Rat Rod 1 32 Ford Rat Rod 2


Veilside Nissan Sylvia

The base kit is from Aushima. Modifications include Resin Subs and amp I cast myself, Scratchbuilt Nitrous Oxide bottle, Ferrari F40 Seats and Aoshima Amistad 19inch Wheels. Paint is Pactra R/C Candy Red over Pearl Bronze with a PPG 2k Clear coat.

Sylvia Veilside

Fast & Furious 93 Honda Civic Si

The base kit is from Revell. I used this kit to build a replica of one of the Civics used by Dom’s gang in The Fast and The Furious to hijack the trucks. All the relevant body parts and wheels were included in the kit. Motor is fully detailed and wired and paint is Tamiya Gloss black.

Fast & Furious Civic SI

Replica Stock models.

1987 Chev El Camino

This was a commissioned build where I build a model of my best buddy’s El Camino pickup to present to him as a birthday gift. It is based on a Monogram kit. The following modifications were done. Interior: A bench seat was kitbashed from the lits bucket seats by adding the centre of a rear seat from a Monogram Chev Citation. The console was also removed . A Fujimi Momo wood rimmed steering wheel was added. The tyres are Arrii BFG T/A Radials and the wheels were made using the spokes from a Monogrm 69 Pontiac GTO combined with outer rims from a Fujimi Just Tuning wheel set. Paint is BMW Glacier Blue and Tamiya Racing white with a thin Tamiya Cherry Red (Pink) pinstripe.El Camino

69 Dodge Superbee

This was a commisoned build as well for a friend to replicate his car. Based on a Revell Monogram kit, The kit dash was modified to resemble the real car’s using a AMT 69 Plymouth GTX dashboard. A scratchbuilt centre console was also added. The kit 440 six pack motor was replaced with a 4 barrel 383 from an AMT 68 Barracuda. Steel wheels & tyres are the optional wheels from the Revell 49 Mercury. Paint is PPG Limelight with a PPG 2K Clearcoat.

69 Dodge Super Bee

62 Chev  Impala Convertible

This is the AMT kit built straight from rhe Box. The motor was wired and plumbed and the interior received flocking carpeting. Interior colour is Tamiya Flat dark blue and the body Tamiya Light Pearl blue. The whitewall tyres were stolen from an AMT 66 Pontiac Bonneville.

62 Chev Impala Interior 62 Chev Impale

Last but not least my Skyline collection

Tamiya R34 Street Racer, Tamiya R34 JSCC Racer (Castrol), Aoshima R34 4 door drift car (Blitz), Tamiya R33 Le Mans racer (Clarion), Fujimi R33 Standard ans Aoshima RS2000 Turbo Silouette racer.

My Skyline collection

11 thoughts on “Oom gerhard van Vuuren

  1. great to see SA talent again. its also great exposing our SA racing cars, albeit in model car form.
    nice stuff, hope to see more work. those hot rods are awesome.

  2. Hi, how can I get in touch with Chris van der Walt of Viper decals? Anybody else that does decals for South African racing cars?

  3. 49 Merc and 32 Ford…Freakin’ AWESOME! Love that paint job on the Merc. Love to see some more lead sleds!

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