Tareque’s amazing Fortune rx7

Some of you may have come across this build before. While it was built some time ago it still is one amazing car. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is really great and makes the model that much more special. I first came across this build when I had just signed up on SPC model forum. This was one of the builds that inspired me to start doing body work on models. While Tareque has been busy with studies recently his work is still very much inspiring and more of it will be featured soon.

Here’s a few words from the mad man himself.

Hey guys!

Well, maybe some of you may already know this build, but to those who don’t, this is my scratch-built 20B powered Veilside Fortune rx7.
You can have a guess as to where I got the inspiration to build this car ….that’s right, good ol’ Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. It was the first time I’d ever seen this car, and it hit me like a ton a bricks. At this stage, I was still learning new car cultures and developing my ‘taste’ in cars, so seeing this was completely different  to what I had been previously seeing. I knew from that moment that I had to build it, to recreate it in 1/24.
I remember there was only one other guy that started the same car, and he was making awesome progress, over on Automotive Forums, but it came to a halt and sadly, even to this day, never seen it finished. I was determined not to let this happen to mine so I started with strong enthusiasm and good reference too.
I think at the beginning, not many people believed I could pull it off, so that was a little demotivating. Its understandable as it was a huge project to take on, and I’d had little practice on such big amounts of work.  But as I started making progress, people took more of an interest on it which is always huge motivation for me. unfortunately, I came to a halt too during the progress on bodywork, to build an S13 model, because my interest in drifting sky rocketed. I’ll just show a couple pics of the very start up until the halt.

DSC01974 DSC01977

(its quite funny looking back at this and realizing so many ways I could’ve started off better)
Then this is how it was looking when I shelved it for a while
SL730562 SL730566
If I remember correctly, I started build a nissan ps13 that I didnt finish, but tried new things and learnt new things.
So I came back to this build with renewed enthusiasm, and made some good progress.
Then I halted again, and built another car! An rps13, with full detail. Learnt a ridiculous amount of things with that build,
so went back to the fortune haha.
Eventually, it all came together, after having a few nightmares with my, at the time, baby nephew, who got hold of this build during the wip and ripped the suspension out, but I fixed it and all was well.
The build itself, i was really really pleased with..I wanted this to be something new modelers can learn from, in that anyone can build anything if they have the right mind-set. I was not long ago, the noob, and probably still am lol
It isn’t perfect, and could be a little lower, but I was super happy with the outcome. Fully scratch-built body and scratch-built engine. Pics!
 SL733321 SL733322 SL733330 SL733332 SL733333 SL733334 SL733336 SL733337 SL733363 SL733364 SL733374 SL733375 SL733376
Thanks for taking the time to look.

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