Ferrari Pan America 20000 by Andy Greenaway

It has been quite a while since I have updated the blog due to work and time. But during that time there has been some amazing models being built. To try and restart my blogging ( I promise to try to keep it up this time) I decided to kickstart it with this wonderful built by my friend Andy Greenaway. Some of you may know who Andy is and have seen his work before. He has a great attention to detail and his finishes are top notch. A full feature on Andy will be done within the up coming weeks. So less from me and more from the creator…

‘Cast your mind back to august 2006. Ferrari had just celebrated the success of the Tour of China by two 612 Scagliettis driven by a team of international journalists.

This next Challenge is the 20,000 mile Panamerican, Two Twelve cylinder prancing horses have just been launched from Brazil. The journey will take them through 16 Countries and across 20,000 Miles (32,000km) to where they are due to arrive in New York, around the 17th November.50 Journalists, each representing various important publications will participate in driving the two cars on their journey across South america.

Fujimi and Revell did versions of this model, The revell contained an engine. But to sacrifice that meant you could use the Panamerican decals for the red and blue cars.. This was a must for me..I can always build the revell one at a later date.

After a break of a year this was the first model completed.The aim was to complete the model and use the photo etch which was made by Hobby Design.

The decals for the Panamerican model are produced by Crazy modeler and the window templates are from Ka-Models.There is also an option to include Daytona seats in this car at an extra cost too.These are supplied by Ka-Models.

This kit was purchased second hand from a very nice fellow modeller who graciously stripped off the parts which needed adjusted for the photo etch. The Original wheels are chrome,These were stripped with some bleech,primed and painted with zero Grey and Alclad Aircraft Aluminium.This combination is quite a close to the real car.
I decided that the white decals would be too thin and wouldn’t reflect enough white so I prepared the body over a couple of days for masking and painting.

This technique was a first for me.It was important not to use the edge of the masking tape to avoid paint bleed.There were several small imperfections, these were covered with white with a small brush afterwards.
Some of the decals were in the wrong order,particularly the sponsor decals along the sides of the car.This was easily rectified with a scalpal and a reference picture.

I found the stance to be quite high.. A small spacer was placed inside the front wheel arches to adjust the height of the wheels inside the chassis.There is also a nylon space on the wheel,between the disc and the hub.Just 1.5mm,enough to correct the gap between the disc and the spokes.

The colour I used was matched by myself by eye.. I spent a few nights comparing references with various colours I had. The closest was the Torro Rosso RB6 Colour, Produced by Hiroboy.

Two or three layers of colour were applied over an SLR silver base.This gave the blue that deep sparkly look.It really wasn’t evident until the clear was applied.For this I used the tried and trusted 1k Zero Pre thinned Clear.

Several coats of clear are applied.Each thinner than the previous.This gives me less work at the end to achieve a satisfactory shine.The polishing is completed with a soft and a fine micromesh file.Followed by some Carnuba Treatment wax.

The emblems are superbly reproduced by Ejan and the metal badges are Hobby design 599 gto badges.
After such a long break from 1/24 models I thoroughly enjoyed this experience,this has really set me up for another challenge.Possibly another prancing Horse,who knows.

I hope some of you feel inspired to build this kit, It’s worth every penny.If you need any more information you can always find me on SPC.I’ll be only too glad to assist.

Thanks to Raees for this opportunity.’599finale5_zps37a02e8e 599finale7_zpsc713ab9f 599finale9_zpsedbc1204 599finale10_zpsd34e6735 599finale15_zps1a15d8fa 599finale22_zps2b843b19   Photo148_zps821948c8Photo122_zps6deb80caPhoto130_zps747acade Photo137_zps4ddd61ca Photo046_zpscc439f5a

One thought on “Ferrari Pan America 20000 by Andy Greenaway

  1. This really looks good. those decals look very realistic.
    thanks for the extra info bout the why and when, very interesting

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