Datsun 240zg

I must admit I haven’t updated the blog due to time and work, but I told myself it is way over due.

So here is the next feature. Its my Datsun 240zg. Its a bit of a strange story how this build came to life but it did have a happy ending.I must be honest at first this car did not do anything for me but has grown on me since. While browsing the web for inspiration a certain matt green 240z grabbed my attention. There was something about the car’s stance, colour and shape that I liked a lot. I then decided to get myself a kit and do similar sort of build. But not knowing that there was a difference between the Z and ZG I went and bought the Hasegawa ZG kit. Upon arrival it looked a bit strange compared to what I had in mind. I then decided that some research was needed and I found out that there was in fact two types of Z cars. The more elegant ZG ( and extremely rare) and the Z. It was then that I decided that I would still carry on with the build but do it the way I would have liked one. So here it is…


Hasegawa Datsun 240zg

Custom lip

Scratch build engine bay, parts of the motor and opening bonnet

Rb26 motor with single turbo conversion

Ferrari 599 seats with carbon back

Aoshima ssr Formula wheels

Custom made exhaust system

Aoshima metal Japanese number plates

s30-1 s30-2 s30-3 s30-4 s30-5 s30-6 s30-7 s30-8 s30-12 s30-13 s30-14

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