Datsun sss

While this build was my first fully custom one I decided to post it up once the blog was up and running and started to receive some traffic. This is one of my favorite builds that I’ve done. The kit was found locally and in the beginning I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do but I knew it would be low. After browsing the web there were a few Datsun’s that interested me but I didn’t want to copy the style exactly. A specific silver one which was low, had a nice set of wheels and had small flared arches inspired me and guided me through the build. After speaking to a few friends I was also able to find two sets of arches from a rally kit. This was also the first time I used Kai wheels from Aoshima which was a bit of an excitement. With the style of what I wanted to build sort of worked out I also wanted to add something extra to the build which was a motor. I was fortunate to have a Model Meister sr20 motor which I fitted to the car. It was a tight fit but worked out in the end. So that’s enough talking here’s some details and pics. Enjoy

Hasegawa Datsun bulebird

Aoshima kai ssr MKIII

Model meister sr20 with custom boost pipes, blow off valve and wiring

flared arches from Datsun safari kit

Custom made lip and engine bay

Straight pipe exhaust

Aoshima custom parts seat with seat belts

Photo etched wipers

Aoshima metal plates

_DSC0082 _DSC0083 _DSC0088 _DSC0094 doneIMG_9922 doneIMG_9935 doneIMG_9940 doneIMG_9941 doneIMG_9945 doneIMG_9947

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