Mr Sofyan Chandra

I would like to present Mr Sofyan who is a builder from Indonesia. I found his Suzuki build very interesting and asked if he was interested in talking a bit more about himself and the build.


Hi, my name Sofyan, thank you for the honor to be present here.
I love modeling since the age of 10 years, and I like the kind of cars, then I like candy by my parents, and get a reward in the form of candy car kit, the model is simple, shaped snap-on course, stay assembled without the need to use glue or special tools, just need scissors, and the result is amazing for a child my age at that time, the proportion of kits produced very precise presenting models of real cars, and then I love the model of Mazda RX-7 savanna popular movie time Megaloman TV series played on TV, hahaha.
I started assembling the actual model kit when I was 16 years old, Toyota Supra is my first kit. I am very fond of all types of cars. Once I completed the supra I bought a quite a few Honda Crx models as I am a fan of Honda cars.
That’s all I gathered up my family and have children, and in the end I give it all one by one to be played by my son, because he asked lol, and you know what happens lol.
I finished all Kit, destroyed, and eventually disposed, saying once, did not think at that time the remaining parts can be used again for another kit to build, since family is so less time to build the kit.
After a vacuum of about 10 years, I am back again to collect the kit built, 2 years later I take the time to modeling, and has accumulated more sizable collection that meets my closet
And this is the last work recently completed on the raft hopefully can be enjoyed.

Some of Sofyan’s previous work.

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The Suzuki carry

I like the ST30 is usually called suzuki carry in my country, this popular small car in its era, coincidentally I made this kit is a suzuki carry type ST eighth generation.
I chose white because it reflects the aura of racing in the car, the first car of its day is often enliven the racing world, perhaps only as a very enjoyable exhibition.
then for part of his box van I specify to color brown ancient color impression and in accordance to the theme of selling food, especially Japanese food themed cars are popular: Oden, mmmm … delicious eaten cold weather
and this is the result, I hope you like it, enjoy

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