Fujimi F12 Berlinetta

I was browsing SPC model forum a while back and saw this amazing build of the F12. I asked Francesco if he was interested in doing a small review of the kit as it’s one of the first I’ve seen built. He did an amazing job with the kit. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Fujimi has a very nice kit output

A negative point:
the bottom of the seats which integrated in the cockpit I removed and replaced by that of the F458 Italia
the optics a bit difficult to put in place and the wheel a little small portieres are not functional or damage you must choose open or closed I have not wanted to make functional.

A positive point:

Construction kit and correct everything falls into place as it should
the engine is superb and very well detailed
the color of the bodywork I chose a red zero in rosso corsa paint mixed with metalic gray

Inside in beige and black two tone effect soil texture with paint tenco

concluded very nice kit

Francesco Giraldi

dscf1627 dscf1623 dscf1622 dscf1621 dscf1620 dscf1619 dscf1613 dscf1611 dscf1610 dscf1541 dscf1540 dscf1539 dscf1525 dscf1524 dscf1522


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