Riddler Toyota BB van

The Van is finally complete! Its taken me lots of time and patience but it was well worth it. I am very happy with the end result and Im hoping everybody else enjoys it too. So what exactly do we have here? Well this is my Tamiya Toyota BB Riddler inspired van. The idea was to create a Bozosuko van that had a riddler theme. This is something very new to me but I have enjoyed the build. The Bozo style is not one everybody understands but I think it wild and daring. I wanted to create a milder version, if you can call it that, but something that still captured what the style is all about. From reference pictures I saw that Bozo vans sometimes have a theme to it for instance the Batman van. Once i knew what I wanted I started looking for a theme to go by. The Riddler was a character i always enjoyed particularly from the Movie. After some more research I found that there wasnt a Riddler themed vehicle yet and thats where I got my idea from.

For more on the van heres a link to the build thread: https://1224blog.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/the-riddler-bb/


  • Tamiya Toyota BB van kit
  • Aoshima bilbo wheels
  • Aoshima light up license plate
  • Custom made body kit, includes: front lip, arches and spoiler
  • Custom made exhaust
  • Suspension customised
  • Custom paint job with specially mixed candy greens finished with 2k clear
  • Custom made floor mats
  • Hand painted interior
  • Custom made dildo style gear lever
  • Indicator lenses painted green and rear lights smoked
  • Photoetched seat belts


front face3quzrterside

rear 3quarterpipesrear

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